-Please note, that we are based in the UK however the platform we have decided to use are based in Singapore. All information you do leave with us is fully protected. If you would like to learn more about the security that Arcadier provides, then please head over to their website!-

What are we about?

Planning a wedding can be expensive. From the dream wedding dress to the bespoke invitations and stationary. It can be a pricey affair. That's where we come in: The idea for wedivents is to create a platform for people to pass along their old wedding dress to another or to pass along event items that were only slightly used, to give them another life. This marketplace will not only give someone the chance to make a bit of extra money but also will give someone else the chance to buy your item and give it a second life.
However we don't just want to focus on old items. If you're a hobbyist that is skilled in making wedding invitations, cakes or stationary, then this is the perfect platform for you. Just sign up using your facebook or google account and get selling, its as easy as that.

Wedivent sellers and buyers
Our sellers and buyers are extremely important to us. Not only because this platform will be centered around you guys but also because as a start up company, we wish for our early users to grow with us. We are open to suggestions from our early users on adding new features and what we can do better to make this the best experience for you.  We understand how important wedding preparation can be and want to work with the people important to us to help grow this into the best marketplace it can be!

How we work?

The aim is to work just like any other marketplace. Examples being eBay and Etsy however for this we want the theme to be solely weddings. Setting up and getting started with us is completely free and you only pay when you will get paid. Wedivents will only take 5% from our users per sale (minus costs from the payment method you choose to use).