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Horseshoe | Co-ordinated with your theme | Traditional
GBP £10.00
Out of Stock!

The photographs shown are examples of previous designs created and are not for sale in this advert. Ready made designs are listed separately.

Examples of all our previous designs can be seen on www.facebook.com/LuckyUgiftsGB

Prices start at £10 for a simple design, and increase as the design becomes more intricate. We also offer a framing service to keep your horseshoe looking perfect for years to come.
All horseshoes are made from metal (you can choose whether its a worn horseshoe, or if you want a "perfect finish" we recommend a cast iron horseshoe shape - they're the same size and shape, just without the welt). We hand wrap the horseshoe with fabric and embellishments are sewn or wired into place. We never use glue.

We will always provide you with a quote or work within the budget you set.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pink "bling" - the horseshoe is wrapped with an off-cut of fabric from the bridesmaid's dresses (they were shortened), the diamante trim was applied because the bride loves a bit of sparkle! A name plate was engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding.

White and pink - all the embellishments link in with the bride and groom on the wedding day. The pink sparkly high heel matches the shoes worn by the bride, the grey top hat with black band matches the groom's. The bouquet of flowers uses the colours of the flowers used on the day, and the bride loves a bit of sparkle! This horseshoe was delivered in a personalised frame.

White and orange - an autumn themed wedding. The handle of the horseshoe is made using fabric from the groom's waistcoat. The horseshoe is wrapped with fabric from the brides dress, the buttons and lace flowers are also taken from the brides dress (following alterations!), the orange buttons are made using fabric from the bridesmaids dresses (and there were two bridesmaids), The orange bows were an idea taken from the coat hangers the bridal party's clothes were hung on. A unique touch that only those behind the scenes would know about!

Pale blue - the bridesmaids dresses were a powder blue, and the name plate is engraved with the names of the bride and groom and date of the wedding.

Lilac - this is the first horseshoe we made. The lilac fabric comes from the bridesmaids dresses (again following alteration), the flowers and sparkles tie in to the wedding theme.


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